Pensacola Inshore Fishing with Rooster Tail Fishing Charters

Pensacola Inshore Fishing Charter

Pensacola is the destination chosen by fishermen in shallow waters. The city has some of Florida’s pristine beaches, nightlife, an underwater archaeological museum, and a myriad of Florida’s most sought-after coastal species. No wonder the region goes by the popular name merald Coast’.

Before we talk about Pensacola Inshore Fishing Charter, it’s good to know that the city is located between two popular fishing destinations, Orange Beach, Alabama, and Florida. But don’t worry, we all fish in the same great waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Whether you’re looking for coastal action or want to venture offshore, we’ve got you covered.

The coastal fishing takes place in several bodies of water, including Pensacola Bay, Santa Rosa Sound, and Big Lagoon. You will find that what we call coastal travel is slightly different from what is found elsewhere.

Inshore fishing involves using 22 to 24-foot boats for the coastal outings. When the weather permits, we head to the Gulf of Mexico for snapper, gag, woodcutter, and triggerfish. You also fish a lot outside Pensacola and around US Massachusetts for Spanish and royal mackerel.

Coastal species of Pensacola

This region of Florida is home to some of the most sought-after coastal fighting, tasting, and fish species. Some of our favorite species to be affected include:


Sea trout


Sheep head

Spanish mackerel

Vine sprout


Inshore fishing in Pensacola

When looking to fish in Florida’s abundant coastal waters, there is nothing better than a trip to the waters of Pensacola Bay. Your Pensacola coastal fishing guide, Captain Tyler Manning, will take you to the comfort of some of Pensacola’s most fertile coastal sites. From there, you will target goldfish, sea trout, and a myriad of species that are in season and all year round.

This region of the Gulf is home to this large number of species thanks to its warm waters and its diverse ecosystem. There are grasslands in the hinterland that are not only a pristine area to spot dolphins and spend a relaxing day on the water but where you can find some of the state’s largest coastal fish.

The Pensacola Inshore Fishing Charter guides offer a unique combination of experience and fun for two families looking for an unforgettable memory in the water, as well as for experienced anglers looking to remove some species from their wish list or live a full and fresh adventure.

The Pensacola Inshore Fishing Charter guides with Rooster Tail Fishing Charters are in the water every day from March to September. Besides, they are in the water 4 or 5 days a week for the rest of the year. They do their best to maintain consistency so that they can make your trip the most pleasant possible. The fantastic trips are suitable for most types of fishers, whether it’s the first attempt using a boat or an experienced veteran. The Pensacola Inshore Fishing Charter trips are perfect for groups of up to 4 people and some boats can accommodate an additional fifth person in your group.

Pensacola Fishing Charters 101

The captain of the ship – Captain Zack Strickland was born in Pensacola, Florida and that is where he has spent all his years. The Captain just loves staying outdoors and is always looking for ways to put a smile on people’s faces by sharing his love for outdoors with families and friends. Strickly Fishing Charters is looking forward to invite you to join the Captain on a wonderful adventure involving Pensacola Fishing Charters. The Captain has a lot of fishing experience (more than 20 years) in this field and knows exactly how to get you that fish. You may out looking for your trophy fish or just something to put in your freezer, the trip would be customized to fit your needs. Strickly Fishing Charters looks forward to meeting you irrespective of your skill level, shape or size. The captain knows all kinds of fishing that gets done in the state waters of Florida. You can hope to hook a Flounder, Trout, Redfish and other type of fish when you go on indoor trips. However, when you go out in the 9 mile range, you can look forward to getting a Amberjack, Mahi Mahi, Red Snapper, Kingfish, and a whole lot of other variety. The price of the trip includes reels, rods and a terminal tackle – so you do not have to pay extra for these items. The captain is a very nice man and wants to work for your satisfaction, so he will clean and fillet everything that you catch. You can depart on the fishing trip from alternate points, based on where you are put up. Some of the points that are served by Strickly Fishing Charters are Gulf Breeze, Shoreline Park Boat Ramp, Navy Point Boat Ramp, the Boat Ramp on 17th Avenue, etc. The boat, Triton 240 (Center console), was originally built in the year 2006.It is powered by a 225HP Honda engine, and can up to a maximum speed of 35 knots. The length of the boat is 24 feet and it can carry 6 people. Strickly Fishing Charters offers you various type of fishing, some of them being Inshore Fishing, Reef Fishing and Flats Fishing. The fishing techniques include Light Tackle, Deep Sea Fishing, Bottom Fishing Spinning , Jigging, Popping and Drift Fishing. You get a GPS, Life Jackets, Fishfinder, Live Bait Well, Wireless Trolling Motor and Ice Box on the boat. The trip includes Rods, reels & tackle, Live Bait, Lures, Catch cleaning & filleting and a Fishing License is also Included.

Basics Of Fishing In Utah

Utah is a state located in the southwestern side of united states, it has an approximate area of about 84,899 square miles. Although it does not border any sea or ocean Utah t has numerous rivers, lakes, rivers, dams and other water bodies that Utahans much depend on.

Utah is prominently known for its wide variety of fishing opportunities that are rarely found in other states fishing grounds. This include, Utah trophy lake trout, striped bass, channel catfish, white bass, perch, perch, largemouth, crappie, smallmouth, hard fighting wiper, walleye and many more species of fish.

However, fishing in Utah is practiced throughout the year. Although, fishing in Utah is carried out the whole year, the government has strict regulation that controls all the fishing grounds in the region. This is; before starting fishing, in Utah, you must possess fishing; otherwise, you will be considered to have broken the rules.

Per contra, fishing licenses should be given to everyone who intends to fish and has twelve years and above, which ranges from a three-day fishing license, weekly, monthly, annually and multi-years fishing license up to a maximum of 5 years. When fishing in Utah its is unlawful to use posses or use a live baitfish one is supposed to use, live or dead tiger salamanders, scented baits, scented jigs, or any other artificial baits that are commercially embedded with fish or fish traps.

When you are fishing in artificially designed water bodies like dams, you’re supposed to lure or fly only. Whenever you are fishing in Utah, you must keep your license with you, unless if you are less than twelve years old, currently this has been made easier with the introduction of, “Utah Hunting and Fishing app.” Which everyone intending to hunt or to fish must download in his or her phone or tablet.

Withal since Utah shares many water bodies with other neighboring states such as Arizona Idaho and Wyoming, It has entered into a number of agreements to avoid disagreements between the shared fishing water bodies such as Bear Lake, Lake Powel, and Flaming Gorge Reservoir. When you are a member of any of the countries that share any of the fishing grounds with Utah, either Arizona